3rd Gen RX7

A Chronicle of Shawn's Project Car 2002-2008



Current Configuration - as of 1/11/09

1993 Base Blk/Blk
Street Ported 13B 2mm RA superseals (engine 9k miles/chassis 137k - 4th engine)
Ground Zero oil pan
XS T04S single turbo kit (strip version - 4" inlet .70/1.0)
Spec custom 6 puck(sprung)clutch with lightened Flywheel
DIY dual 25 row oil coolers
K&N Intake Filter w/ 3rdgenrx7.com intake collar
Apexi Blowoff valve
Greddy FMIC - 2 Row
HKS Wastegate (10PSI spring)
Ceramic coated Downpipe
Ceramic coated cast T4 divided manifold
N-Tech Hi-Flow Cat
M2 Dual Stainless Catback (want to hear it?)
Fluidyne Radiator
Evans NPG+ coolant
Unorthodox Alternator, Water, and Main pullies
Magnacore 8.5mm Wires
AST elimination/overflow relocation
Air conditioning elimination

Kgparts.com primary and secondary rails
720/1600 injectors (10W10ohm resistors)
Dual Fuel pumps. 1 stock, 1 Supra
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator (1:1)
Power FC EMS w/ datalogit / commander
Techedge DIY Wideband O2 v2.0 rev3 w/7057 sensor w/LA1 display
GM 3-bar map sensor

Tri-Point Koni Double Adjustable Coilovers (500/325)
Wilwood Superlite 4-Piston Front Calipers w/Ceramic Street Pads
Wilwood 12.75"x 1.25" Drilled Front Rotors
Racing Brake rear kit w/ Hawk HPS Pads
17x9" (+45) SSR Integral A2's w/ 255/40 w/ Bridgestone RE01Rs
Stainless brake lines
Stainless OMP lines
Stainless clutch line
Racing Beat Front sway w/brace
Racing Beat Rear sway
Jimlab Differential mounts
Cusco Titanium Front strut tower brace
DIY Engine mounts

Blitz Dual SBC-ID boost controller
Blitz Power Meter ID
HKS Twin Power
DIY RE Headlight Kit w/ Hella H9's
DIY 99 Spec Taillights
Apexi style Nose w/custom vents
RE Rear Diffuser
Rx7.com turnlamps
Vented Hood w/pins
RE style side kit
Efini "Whale tail" Spoiler
Champion Momo steering wheel
Mazdaspeed "Carbon Type" Shift knob
Astray Armrest
Push Button Start
Aluminum gas and dead pedals
Ceramic coated door sills
Kenwood MP3 player/ Lanzar 3way Crossover / Precision Power Amps / Custom JL 8's, Pioneer and Kenwood Speakers
Rockford Fosgate MP3 jukebox

B&M short shifter
Cusco Oil catch can
Greddy Gauges - EGT/Fuel Pres./Oil Pres./Water Temp.
Tripower Center Dual Gauge Pod
Triple gauge A Pillar Pod
Optima Red - Battery Relocation

Pending projects:

Ducting for oil coolers
Ducting for radiator
Ducting for intake
Install JimLab bushings
Install Tial BOV
Move Air intake sensor
Drivers Side Window seal
Install Noltec Motor Mounts
Install Transmission brace
Install Turbo Blanket

Looking to purchase - long term:



Best 1/4mile track time (total of 6 runs ever for car and me on 1/4 mile) time slip - 7/15/04 - 12.94 113.93 mph running at 14psi with wheel hop in second and third on yoko avs sports. I am told the track is poorly prepared and about .5 slower than everywhere else.
Time Slip
(racing a turbo Chevy Cavalier)

Last Dyno 07/05 - 335 RWHP at 14 PSI - 11.5:1 (have tuned to 18psi since then)
Previous Dyno - 330 @13 psi

Parts for Sale:

Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch
Unknown Aftermarket Clutch
Slotted/Dimpled Rear rotors
Front driver side turn signal
Complete set of solenoids
Stock Front Rotors
Stock Rear Rotors

RBQ07 - VIR 3-4 straight

RBQ07 - VIR parking lot

The new spoiler...

RBQ07 - VIR 15-16 straight (I think)

(DGRR 07 - courtesey of www.killboy.com)


Car purchased. The car runs smooth and strong when warmed up although heavy boost caused a strange loud noise (suspect wastegate related) and 5th gear needs to be repaired. Engine has less than 1000 miles and the transmission was rebuilt (syncros). Car has smoke on cold startup. No documentation was available on car so I really wasn't sure what the car had until after I got it home and started digging.


Known Issues/Planned Mods

Mount Commander
Upgrade Clutch/Flywheel, repair 5th gear syncro
Elbow Gasket (Custom)
Boost System (problem above 13 PSI)
Fix Gas Tank (leak near top)
Powder Coat Brakes/Stainless Brake Lines
Rims need buffed
Install hood and nose (already have both) then paint car
Cold Air Intake
A/C Condenser Relocation


Removed Nose, Hood, Intercooler, Intake Piping, Radiator, AST, Battery and anything extra in preparation for intercooler and radiation replacement. Found a few parts no longer required left over from the air box removal. Decided to order block off plates and AST elimination kit immediately to be completed on this stage instead of later. Replaced the front marker light bulbs with white ones. Corrected turbo installation - several hoses were not exactly right.


Still waiting on Intercooler kit, AVC-R, and Brake Lines. Installed Center mount dual gauge pod from www.tripower.net and it looks great. Will be ordering stage 2 this week.


Installed intercooler but stopped after bent ac condenser line. Investigating possible condenser relocation.



Removed infjectors to be sent off to rceng.com or modification/calibration. Replaced fuel pump with high pressure denso. Completed AST elimination.


Removed ac condenser. Found custom condenser and decided to give it a try (after car is back on the road) so took stock condenser out in the meantime since it was bent. Installed radiator.


Installed block off plates, cut nose intake area to fit fmic, removed double throttle, started twin power install but found no "Y" harness included.


Removed all emission controls. Removed alternator. Removed coils for cleaning.

5/25/02 -5/27/02

Reinstalled alternator. Installed Fuel Injectors, finished hoses/caps, reinstalled coils, replaced plugs and wires, cleaned manifold and throttle then reinstalled, completed intake tubing and Greddy elbow install. Completed battery relocation. Installed stereo equipment. Painted storage bins black (were silver). Filled radiator and power steering fluid. Drained oil and replaced filter. Installed and wired gauges. Installed and programmed Power FC. Repaired nose. Fixed turbo timer (wasn't grounded).


Tried to start the car and on the second time it turned over an in-line fuse blew that was put in for the battery relocation. The fuse was 80 amps and after checking the manual it required at least 120 amps for the starter. No fuse available to replace.


Purchased 150 amp fuse and in-line block. Disconnected battery and replaced fuse block/fuse. Removed 4 wires from Power FC as it seems to be the consensus that even though the 4 listed sensors/valves are no longer in the car it still makes a difference. Reconnected battery and started car. Started on first try! Let the Power FC go through it's calibration mode and car settled down to a smooth 1100 rpm idle with 18 PSI vacuum.


Fixed coolant line. Installed Boost controller. Installed hood. Idle hunted on test drive.


Installed A Pillar Dual gauge pod with Boost gauge. Installed twin power. Trimmed nose further for fit.


Reinstalled Boost Controller to top wastegate input. Reset Power FC to standard maps (modified map #5 sucks!).


Worked on nose fit with front quarter panels and hood.


Worked on nose a bit more - headlight area. Hi-flow cat due in on 6/26/02. Disabled O2 sensor to see if it helps with idle.


Kinda lost documentation urge at this point - I was just struggling to get the project done. Soon after my friend had an apex seal go and we did his entire engine replacement/single conversion. Dont think we did much documentation for his but he did take some pictures - maybe one day I will post.

But for now here are a few pics of things I have done since...(in no particluar order)